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Ken engages every audience with fun, memorable take-aways.
All will leave inspired to take action and make change.  

  Conference speaker & story-teller    

Suggested Talk Topics: 

Ken will customize his presentation to your interests and goals. 
It's Kinda Fun to do the Impossible

The rags-to-riches story of how the Urban Ecology Center grew from a double wide trailer in a high crime park into a global education model fostering ecological understanding as inspiration for change. 

The Meaning of Life Based on the Letter 'P'

In order to feel at Peace in the world, or to know one's Place, one must have Purpose derived from one's Passions, obtained through being Present. 

This is POWERFUL stuff!

Finding Abundance

Learn how to shed the worldview of scarcity. Instead embrace life from the position of abundance. The secret? Create a shared vision, match skills to passions and together get to where you need to go.

Sustainability & Sustainable Design

“If the black-crowned night heron nesting on the Milwaukee River had a voice, would she approve?” 

Learn the guiding lenses that led to building of the Urban Ecology Center, from architecture to programs

to community. 


Leadership resides in the intersection of knowing yourself, the external manifestation of your vision, and the teamwork needed to create it in the world. Learn about the Rule of 10

and other lessons from the

reluctant leader.

The Power of Play

If one wants to do big things in the world - outer work, one must dig in equal measure inside oneself - inner work. Play is a tool that is needed for both and bridges the two. Learn the practice of play as a life-changing discipline.

Additional Topics:

Living the Green Life that Fits You  |  The Ten Rules of Raising Money...a Lot of It  |  The Power of Story  
Dance of the Whales - Environmental Crisis & Hope  | Urban Ecology  Interactive Book Reading

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