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A talk with Ken has the essence of a campfire story or nature walk with lessons of leadership, collaboration, community building, fundraising ...and so much more! 

​Ken speaks from his experience of growing the

Urban Ecology Center.


From a double-wide trailer in a blighted park to three vibrant community centers, the model now has a growing global following.


Disarmingly honest, his playful and engaging style captivates, his local success inspires while his international reach is impressive. 

 Inspiring community change

Joe Gow
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

I've been the Chancellor for the past 11 years and it's no exaggeration to say that Ken's presentation is one of the best I've heard on our campus. My Doctoral degree is in Speech Communications, and I consider myself an expert in the field.


The way Ken Leinbach presents and engages an audience is rare, and the new and important information he conveys I am sure all in attendance will remember.  That is key to a good talk.  

From the moment Ken enters the room, in a fun and unconventional way, he grabs your attention and respect.  He makes time fly, as he is an incredibly engaging speaker, able to capture the entire audience, no matter the diversity of age or background.  Ken is one of the best presenters I have ever seen!   

Licia Johnson
Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education (WAEE) board member &
Chair of WAEE Winter Workshop
Ken, I just finished reading your book… wow! ... You are not only a gifted public speaker but also a gifted writer. What you are doing in the non-profit field is badly needed in the profit field as well!  We will have to ‘un-learn’ a lot of how we have been leading businesses and learn practices from examples like the Urban Ecology Center. 
Dolf Van Den Brink
CEO Heineken Asia-Pacific Region

Ken Leinbach uses story, whimsy and audience engagement to share the journey of the UEC. His honesty, humor and humility draws in the audience. Ken connected with students at Conserve School on a personal level by sharing his story and his dedication. His enthusiasm was contagious and it left the students inspired and driven to seek their own paths to help the earth and each other.

Eleva Potter
Assistant Director of Student Instruction,
Conserve School
Land O’Lakes, Wisconsin
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